Where Are All The Women Creative Directors? | Fast Company

Despite the fact that women control 80% of consumer spending, only 3% of creative directors (and we’re not talking about celebrity CDs) are female.

That’s just bad business, says Gordon, considering that women are driving the economy by bringing in more than half the income in 55% of U.S. households and dominating social networks. “There is a study in which female consumers were asked if brands understood them and 90% said no,” Gordon says. Even though brands like Tide are including men in their advertising campaigns, she contends that while men may be doing more grocery shopping, they are “field foragers,” buying from a list that is drawn up by the lady of the house. “We haven’t reached a tipping point yet,” Gordon says.

Delaney believes clients are “missing out” when creative teams lack that strong female vision and point of view. “It’s a shame, actually,” she says. “When clients think about hiring an agency they need to be asking who is going to work on my business, who is the person to be the voice for my brand targeting women.”

via Where Are All The Women Creative Directors? | Fast Company.

Read this article on a stunning phenomenon in the advertising and marketing industry and consider what it means for your company.


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