Social SEO Insights for the New Age of Search | Search Engine Journal

Social SEO Insights for the New Age of Search | Search Engine Journal.

I appreciated this author’s discussion (in Insight #3) of incorporating new Social SEO strategies through new team roles. This concept can work out perfectly, but personnel management should be very careful when rearranging job duties within the current employee pool that they assign the work appropriately. There’s nothing worse than suddenly dropping a load of unexpected new job duties on an employee without discussion, appropriate compensation, or a change in their previous work load. Getting your new Social SEO based strategy off the ground will be next to impossible if you’ve got employees rebelling against a sudden, drastic increase in their job duties.

Also check out the discussion of which social media platforms the major search engines rely on for signals (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube) as well as the development of reports designed specifically to measure social activity.

As Mr. Cristo says, the writing is on the wall. Ignoring the onset of social media isn’t going to change anything other than the effectiveness of your online  marketing campaign. To ensure that your online marketing techniques are maximizing their potential, incorporate social media. It’s not going away. It’s only going to become more important for the success of your company in the months and years to come.


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