Google Alerts: Still Broken

“…frequently encouraged bank and credit union marketing executives around the world to use Google Alerts. This advice is now fully retracted.Google Alerts was once a very important and efficient tool to monitor mentions of your brand on the web. It is now so unreliable that it has been rendered effectively useless.”

via Google Alerts: Still Broken.

Who knows why Google hasn’t addressed this issue, but the fact of the matter is, it may be time for business owners and marketers with overflowing inboxes full of emails to ask Google alerts to cease and desist. The fact that they are no longer effectively notifying of relevant content is extremely problematic since that is the entire purpose of the service for marketers using it to quantify SEO and SEM success. With all those emails full of useful, vital stats and information on the success of currently running online marketing campaigns it’s simply logical to cull out any useless information. At this point, that’s the category into which the Google Alert emails would fall.

That being said, enjoy the hiatus from the extra emails because you can depend on the fact that Google will eventually address the issue and leave you re-categorizing their Google Alert emails into the “useful” category again. It may even be that the author of the quoted article is on to something and Bing will jump into the fray before Google is able to address the issues blocking the effectiveness of their Google Alerts. If the information is relevant and correct, most marketers won’t care where it’s coming from…Google, Bing…whoever’s on the ball is going to be the one getting the most action in the online marketing game.


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