Tweets and Social App “Vine” Cover Live Surgery in UK | HealthWorks Collective

Tweets and Social App

The headline that originally led me to this article about Twitter and Vine being used to provide live updates of an in progress surgical procedure gave me the impression that Vine was originally created for educational purposes. I found that extremely interesting (thus my imminent arrival at the article in question).

I was slightly disappointed to discover that my initial headline inspired conclusions were inaccurate, but very quickly rallied because, really, how amazing is this facet of social media? It’s simply jaw-dropping that we have the capacity to provide this type of up to date (to the second, in fact) information in text, photos and even video (thanks to one of the more recently embraced social media platforms referred to far and wide as Vine).

If you haven’t checked out Vine yet, look into it. Here are a few basics on Vine:

1. It’s a Twitter service, easily connected to your Twitter account.

2. It’s utilized as a “mobile” social media platform (typically accessed by smart phone).

3. It’s often referred to as being similar to another hot mobile social app, Instagram, but using short video clips instead of photos.

There will probably be another social media platform of the week tomorrow, but for today…it seems to be all about the Vine! And who wouldn’t be impressed, it’s not just another online social media site designed to drain the energy and vitality of the general public’s consciousness…it’s used for educational purposes, for goodness sakes. Well, sometimes. Sometimes it definitely falls short of such lofty titles, but we all love a spot of fun, too, right?

Tweets and Social App “Vine” Cover Live Surgery in UK | HealthWorks Collective.


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