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“The truth is that 90% of internet consumers use search engine tools like Google Search and online directories to locate products, services, or websites.”

via The Hottest Online Marketing Tactics Used by Experts | ClickForSEO Blog – Marketing Articles and Latest SEO Tools.

With the kind of numbers we have available, there’s no further discussion regarding the need for online marketing. Of course your company needs to be conducting online marketing in order to maximize success and profits. The trick comes in identifying what exactly constitutes an effective online marketing campaign.

I believe that online marketing can benefit every business, large or small. I also believe that there are aspects of online marketing that are inaccessible to small to mid-sized businesses because the costs are inhibitive. Pepsi’s online marketing campaign is going to have a much larger budget than a startup scrapbook manufacturer. It’s important to identify all the options.

  • SEO
  • Online Display Advertising Remarketing
  • Referral Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Free Downloadable Tools and/or Resources
  • A Unique Selling Proposition for a Superior Product
  • Power Words Marketing
  • Blog Marketing

It’s just as important to determine which are the most viable options for your company. Make a list of all the viable options – they should all be included in your proposed online marketing campaign. Then prioritize according to projected target market response and accessibility. Where does your target market look for information on your products/services? How are they looking? These are the questions that should provide the basis for your online marketing campaign.

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